The Shackled City

A Grand Party Indeed

We meet with Jil at the Lakeside Pavilion.

She informs us that King Beliore Therazo is an Aloufiend — a half-human and half-succubus. He’s been doing a lot of business outside of the Last Laugh. She thinks he is up to something that is “bad news”. Vasan proposes that Jil informs us about The Last Laugh in exchange for our sanctuary and protection. She accepts.

We bring our new “ally” back to the Temple of St. Cuthbert. Jenya is not pleased. The Striders have mixed feelings, but Meerthan accepts our decision. Jil informs us that King Beliore Therazo is the Jester of Cauldron, one of the higher offices a member can hold in the Last Laugh. He is devout to Erythnul. Beliore has always been a very sexual man. Jil assumes he is there because he wants Lady Rhivadi. He relies heavily on his wings, by shielding himself and using them as cover. He wields a mace called Blood Fever, it makes people sick when they are hit by it.

Meerthan confesses to Jil that the Striders are there to find the Cagewrights. He explains that the Cagewrights always have thirteen members and they desire to open a gate to Carceri and that they are rooted in Cauldron. We have determined that the high priestess of Wee Jas, Embril Aloustani is a member. Meerthan is suggesting that a member of the government must also be a member of the Cagewrights because of the recent explosive expansion of the Church of Wee Jas.

We obtain Meerthan’s glasses and Jil’s hair braid which we will use to disguise ourselves to sneak into Lady Rhivadi’s party.


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