The Shackled City

An Unlocked Gate

The Taskerhills.
The Vanderburens.
Zachary Aslaxan the first and second. – Made their fortune selling art.
Ophilia Nolern.
The Striders.
Christof Jergenson – Temple of Pelor
Maavu – The Chisel
Omar – Kord
Sky – Sky’s Treasury
Tygo Mispass (and his dog)

Lord Taskerhill has been throwing around a lot of money for mayoral bids.

We are attacked by Durro.
All NPCs bail.

Rally to help, free people, send them to Jenya at the eastern gate.

Crater Lake is boiling.

1/8; 9/9; 9/9; 9/10; 10/10; 11/11; 11/11;

6 more events to go


TylerHolland finnagan

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