The Shackled City

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

We open the North East door.
A lightning bolt shoots out of it.
She casts Evards Tentacles and we wait her out like bitches.

We open the East door.
The walkway ends, but there is a door on the other side.
There is a 20ft gap between that door and the end of the walkway.
William dons the Slippers of Spider Climbing and heads to the door.
There’s a beholder door behind here.
William ferries everyone over and he opens the Beholder Door.
There’s art in here and two statues.
When Bodi enters the room, the golems turn towards him.
William spring attacks them until they die.

24 ceramic urns each containing 100gp (2,400gp)
7 painted copper earns containing 50pp (350)
pouch of 5 moss agates (10gp each) (50)
pouch of 8 azarites (10gp each) (80)
pouch of 5 zircons (40gp each) (200)
silver oakleaf broach (80gp)
pair of matched crystal candlesticks (400gp)
white velvet sash set with tiny rubies (600gp)
set of ivory and obsidian chess pieces (1200gp)
silver brazier engraved with crashing waves (1700gp)
gold necklace set with lapis lazuli (2100gp)
gold bracelet set with sapphires (3000gp)
platinum scepter set with emeralds (3000gp)
silver clamshaped case containing four black pearls (4,000gp)
platinum crown set with emeralds (7k)
wand of Bull’s Strength – 42 charges (4,500)
scroll of Cure Serious Wounds (525)
amulet of Natural Armor +4 (32,000)
+1 Frost Koma (300 + 2,000)
Minor Ring of Energy Resistance Acid (12,000)

We go back to the room where the spellcaster tentacled us.
Taking all the clothes in this room: 2,000gp

We go back up the pipe. We take a left this time. /shrug
We go through a Beholder bathroom.
There’s another door. Single book red leather cover. floating just above our reach.
The indentations radiate slight magic. Vasan reads it. It details the ritual of binding a Demodan to your soul.

We gain 2,100xp

Meanwhile, back at the mansion.
We explore the rest of the mansion.
We stuff the statues into a bag of holding.

The city guard is surrounding House Rhivadi.
We return to the Temple of St. Cuthbert.

Jenya orders the assassination of Lady Rhivadi.
William and Jill head out to assassinate her.
Jill assassinates her. William struggles.

Lady Rhivadi has the following loot:
Ring of Protection +2 (8,000)
Veil of Charisma +2 (4,000)
Ring of Mind Shielding (8,000)
Wand of Magic Missile (7th level) 30 charges (5,250)
Arcane scroll of Greater Dispel Magic 12th level (1,650)
Scroll of Stone to Flesh (1,650)
Scroll of Prismatic Spray (2,275)
Masterwork Dagger (300)
Spell component pouch (includes 600gp worth of diamond dust) (600)
Small ivory plaque (50)
Small ivory statuette of a beholder set with precious gems (1500gp)
Beholder eye stalk of Inflict Critical Wounds
Spellbook – 10,000gp

We gain 600xp.



Vasan will buy the Spellbook – 10,000gp

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