The Shackled City

The Path to Oblivion

The group is back...on the Material Plane!

Tylo Amberhelm reveals himself to be an elf named Meerthan. He informs the group that he is the leader of group of followers of Farlanghan. They have been investigating the cages in Cauldron. Skerial, one of his followers has been captured by The Last Laugh, and is being tortured in The Brass Trumpet Inn.

We arrive at The Brass Trumpet Inn. The windows and doors are newly barred. William bypasses the door. After fighting several members of the Last Laugh, we defeat two harlequin assassins. We find the following magical items on their person:

• 2 amulets of Constitution +2 (4,000 + 4,000) 8000
• 2 potions of Mage Armor (50 + 50) 100
• 2 potions of Shield of Faith +2 (50 + 50) 100
• 2 masterwork slings with 40 +1 bullets (300 + 300 + 240 + 1,600) 2440
• 10 masterwork shuriken coated in large scorpion venom (William)(60 + 2,000) 2060
• 2 silver pieces minted with the emblem of a jester

We empty onto a stage with curtains. We spiderclimb up to the rafters and battle an arcane trickster upside down.
• Masterwork Short Sword (small) (300)
• Masterwork Leather Armor (small)(150)
• wand of Hold Person 30 charges (4,500)
• cape of the Montebanc (10,080)
• dusty rose ioun stone +1 Insight to AC (5,000)
• Slippers of Spider Climbing (4,800)
• pouch of gold – 32 gold pieces (32)
• key ring with king, queen, jack and ace of hearts

We find a hidden panel concealing a door in this room.

Skerial is inside this room, latched to a cross and unconscious. Jil is somewhere in the room. Wash uses Dimension Door to rescue Skerial. Vasan teleports the rest of the group out. And we meet up at the Temple of St. Cuthbert. William leaves to retrieve the Striders of Farlanghan.

Lady Rhivadi is having a private party. Skerial noticed her house is unusually fortified. Most of the mercenaries and town guard come in and out of her house all through the night. She has had peculiar guests including: a pale half-elf in black; a group of well-armed humans including one with a black mace capped with a skull and a symbol of Nerul; a group of well-armed dwarves, one with white hair and a white beared wearing a halfmask covering one eye. A colorfully dressed man named King Beliore Therazo, with slicked back black hair kidnapped Skerial (not the leader of the Last Laugh but a very high ranking member).



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