The Shackled City

The Truefitt Wedding

Whores are teleported.
Madison gets married.


If a steel shield is animated, then a caster should be able to use it without penalty, yes? Wouldn’t it just float along with me? If this is true,Vasan is interested in it (+1 animated large steel shield – 9,150). Also, interested in the amulet of Natural Armor +4 (32,000), and a Ring of Protection +2 (8,000)

The Truefitt Wedding

Yeah, James, you don’t have to be proficient with it if it’s animated. Are you making Vasan into a tank? Is this your way of dealing with rejection from Celes?

The Truefitt Wedding

Also, You might as well go with a tower shield instead of a steel shield.

The Truefitt Wedding
TylerHolland finnagan

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