The Shackled City

View of a Burning City

Vasan recognizes the Alleybashers amidst the rioters.
Vasan addresses the crowd.
Vasan breaks a window.
12/12 evacuation points gained.

There’s an earthquake.
William disperses rubble with a tree.
We get everyone out of the way.

Urban avalanche, buildings, streetlights, possessions coming down.
We dig out survivors.
10/12 evacuation points gained.

Dead bodies, missing roof in the Academy.
The second floor has been torn off.
A quartet of demodans regale us with their interpretation of the scene in Dogma where Matt and Ben are dropping bodies from the sky.
We defeat them.

We find a large leathery winged creature.
Slaves are building a pyramid while he supervises.
Kamular Demodan.
6 of 12 evacuation points

We reach the lake.
There is a bunch of dead fish. Morkorth is floating in the middle clutching a chest.
• Ring of Protection +2
• Bracers of Armor +2
• Wand of Cure Moderate (22 charges)
• Wand of Lightning Bolt (18 charges)

Hookface came for Cauldron and we were set on fire.


TylerHolland finnagan

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