William Laike


Human Male
30 years old. 5’10" and 180 lbs. Blonde hair w/ beard. Green eyes.

William was born to Nathaniel and Patricia Laike. Nathaniel is a wealthy merchant who made his living importing and trading goods. Patricia unfortunately passed away some 15 years ago due to an illness she caught while traveling. Nathaniel was once a friendly businessman that had the respect and love of the community, however, all that changed when his wife passed away. Where he was once warm and friendly, he became cold and shrewd. And not just when it came to business. Williams home life changed much after his mother died. What was once a warm home became a cold and unwelcome place. Once he had been included in many of the matters of the family business but was now being shut out by his father. William stuck around for a couple of years after his mother passed away but eventually he had enough. At the age of 17, William left his home one morning to forge his own path.

Never being suited to the boring life of a simple merchant, William pursued more exciting avenues. At first he became a smuggler, using some of his father’s less reputable business connections he was able to manage a steady flow of gold and excitement. Eventually his operations were discovered forcing him to flee aboard a pirate ship. He then joined the pirate crew (think similar to Illidan’s crew) for several years aboard the Lusty Sahuagin under the command of Captain Lilith (Lilly) Grimstrike. Captain Lilly took William as a project, at first seeing his potential and teaching him to fight, then later as lover. After a brutal battle with another group of pirates, the Lusty Sahuagin was severely damaged. Although the Grimstrike pirates were victorious, the ship was too damaged to survive an oncoming storm later that night. The storm sunk the ship and drowned most of the crew. William alone was eventually discovered by a passing merchant ship after being adrift at sea for three days. After the tragedy, William gave up pirating and began traveling eventually finding his way to Cauldron. While he is now older and more experienced, he has lost none of his adventuring spirit and lust for excitement.

William is not a very religious person and rarely pays more that lip service to the gods. He does recognize and support the good that is done in the names of the gods. Particularly the church of Pelor. He despises acts of zealotry in all faiths good and evil and knows you can’t look at the world in just black and white.

William Laike

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