The Shackled City

View of a Burning City

Vasan recognizes the Alleybashers amidst the rioters.
Vasan addresses the crowd.
Vasan breaks a window.
12/12 evacuation points gained.

There’s an earthquake.
William disperses rubble with a tree.
We get everyone out of the way.

Urban avalanche, buildings, streetlights, possessions coming down.
We dig out survivors.
10/12 evacuation points gained.

Dead bodies, missing roof in the Academy.
The second floor has been torn off.
A quartet of demodans regale us with their interpretation of the scene in Dogma where Matt and Ben are dropping bodies from the sky.
We defeat them.

We find a large leathery winged creature.
Slaves are building a pyramid while he supervises.
Kamular Demodan.
6 of 12 evacuation points

We reach the lake.
There is a bunch of dead fish. Morkorth is floating in the middle clutching a chest.
• Ring of Protection +2
• Bracers of Armor +2
• Wand of Cure Moderate (22 charges)
• Wand of Lightning Bolt (18 charges)

Hookface came for Cauldron and we were set on fire.

An Unlocked Gate

The Taskerhills.
The Vanderburens.
Zachary Aslaxan the first and second. – Made their fortune selling art.
Ophilia Nolern.
The Striders.
Christof Jergenson – Temple of Pelor
Maavu – The Chisel
Omar – Kord
Sky – Sky’s Treasury
Tygo Mispass (and his dog)

Lord Taskerhill has been throwing around a lot of money for mayoral bids.

We are attacked by Durro.
All NPCs bail.

Rally to help, free people, send them to Jenya at the eastern gate.

Crater Lake is boiling.

1/8; 9/9; 9/9; 9/10; 10/10; 11/11; 11/11;

6 more events to go

The Truefitt Wedding

Whores are teleported.
Madison gets married.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

We open the North East door.
A lightning bolt shoots out of it.
She casts Evards Tentacles and we wait her out like bitches.

We open the East door.
The walkway ends, but there is a door on the other side.
There is a 20ft gap between that door and the end of the walkway.
William dons the Slippers of Spider Climbing and heads to the door.
There’s a beholder door behind here.
William ferries everyone over and he opens the Beholder Door.
There’s art in here and two statues.
When Bodi enters the room, the golems turn towards him.
William spring attacks them until they die.

24 ceramic urns each containing 100gp (2,400gp)
7 painted copper earns containing 50pp (350)
pouch of 5 moss agates (10gp each) (50)
pouch of 8 azarites (10gp each) (80)
pouch of 5 zircons (40gp each) (200)
silver oakleaf broach (80gp)
pair of matched crystal candlesticks (400gp)
white velvet sash set with tiny rubies (600gp)
set of ivory and obsidian chess pieces (1200gp)
silver brazier engraved with crashing waves (1700gp)
gold necklace set with lapis lazuli (2100gp)
gold bracelet set with sapphires (3000gp)
platinum scepter set with emeralds (3000gp)
silver clamshaped case containing four black pearls (4,000gp)
platinum crown set with emeralds (7k)
wand of Bull’s Strength – 42 charges (4,500)
scroll of Cure Serious Wounds (525)
amulet of Natural Armor +4 (32,000)
+1 Frost Koma (300 + 2,000)
Minor Ring of Energy Resistance Acid (12,000)

We go back to the room where the spellcaster tentacled us.
Taking all the clothes in this room: 2,000gp

We go back up the pipe. We take a left this time. /shrug
We go through a Beholder bathroom.
There’s another door. Single book red leather cover. floating just above our reach.
The indentations radiate slight magic. Vasan reads it. It details the ritual of binding a Demodan to your soul.

We gain 2,100xp

Meanwhile, back at the mansion.
We explore the rest of the mansion.
We stuff the statues into a bag of holding.

The city guard is surrounding House Rhivadi.
We return to the Temple of St. Cuthbert.

Jenya orders the assassination of Lady Rhivadi.
William and Jill head out to assassinate her.
Jill assassinates her. William struggles.

Lady Rhivadi has the following loot:
Ring of Protection +2 (8,000)
Veil of Charisma +2 (4,000)
Ring of Mind Shielding (8,000)
Wand of Magic Missile (7th level) 30 charges (5,250)
Arcane scroll of Greater Dispel Magic 12th level (1,650)
Scroll of Stone to Flesh (1,650)
Scroll of Prismatic Spray (2,275)
Masterwork Dagger (300)
Spell component pouch (includes 600gp worth of diamond dust) (600)
Small ivory plaque (50)
Small ivory statuette of a beholder set with precious gems (1500gp)
Beholder eye stalk of Inflict Critical Wounds
Spellbook – 10,000gp

We gain 600xp.


Rise from Oblivion

Vasan decides that the magic circle on the floor is part of some Transmutation ritual.
We head back through the door we came.

After deciding to find Lady Rhivadi, we delve a bit further. Vasan and Bodi decide to detect her by her scent and begin leading the way. We fight some hellhounds.
We defeat three hellhounds and unlock Michael Vick as a playable character.

We meet a Flame Warder. They ask if we are here to pay tribute to Tyrioch.
We bluff that we are.
They are members of a mercenary group led by the fire giant Tyrioch.
We kill ’em.

The Lady
• +2 Mithril Breastplate (150 + 4,000 + 4,000) 8,150
• Coldburn +2 Flaming Frost Great Sword (300 + 18,000) 18,300
• Mw Composite Longbow +5 STR pull (300 + 500) 800
• 20 arrows
• +1 animated large steel shield (150 + 9,000) 9,150
• Gauntlets of Ogre Power (4,000)
• Pink Rhomboid Ioun Stone (8,000)
• Ring of Protection +2 (Bodi) (8,000)
• Potion of Cure Serious x2 (distributed equally)
• Red Lacquered armband set with diamond (worth 2,000g)
• 120 PP (1,200)

Paracanin (shape changers from the plane of fire)
• +2 Chain Shirt (150 + 4,000) 4,150
• +1 Adamantine Great Axe (300 + 60 + 2,000) 2,360
• Mw Composite Longbow +5 STR pull (300 + 500) 800
• 30 arrows
• Ring of Protection +1 (2,000)
• Potion of Blur (300)
• Potion of Bulls Str (300)
• Cure Serious x2 (distributed equally)
• Potion of Prot from Energy (cold)
• Oil of Greater Magic Wpn +3
• Red Lacquered armband set with emerald (worth 1,000g)
• 25 PP
• 100 GP

We find a hidden door in this room. It takes all of us to push the door open. There are two large chests in here.
• 18,925 GP
• Potion of Invisibility x4 (distribute equally) 750
• Adamantine Battle Axe (60)
• Flask of oil x10
• 450 PP (4,500)

• 22,150 GP
• 30 large geodes (300 GP/per) (9,000)
• Suit of red dragonhide plate (3,300)
• mithril heavy shield (1,000)
• 15 large sized cold iron javelins
• Mw chainmail barding (150)
• Mw fullplate (large) (150)

5,375 exp
End Session.


A Rather Ecclectic Guest List

Please note: Editing is too time consuming and this entry is probably more entertaining to read sans editing anyway. Enjoy.

Jenya has summoned her son, Bodi to aid us in infiltrating Lady Rhivadi’s party. Vasan performs several rituals to help us.

We disguise ourselves. William disguises himself as a half-orc mercenary. Vasan disguises himself as Lord Nastas. Madison disguises himself as the rotund servant to Lord Nastas.

House Rhivadi, made of volcanic rock, domed observatory in fourth tower. Each pillar is carved like a dragon. Windows are in copper frames with locked shutters. Continual faery fire and light spells on torches outside. We bluff our way through the four half-orcs guarding the entrance.
The guards mention that Master Bonesworn, Master Thurok, Mistress Mahadd, Master Ashmantel, Master Kyhas and Lady Trifane Rhivadi are meeting in the dining room.

Through the use of a summoned dove, Bodi hears a female voice explain that Demodans were sent to the Material Plane long ago. They mated with humans, for generations. Their demodan traits may have disappeared but they have a hidden mark of Carceri. Those with the mark are called the Shackle Born. More Shackle Born have been found in Cauldron than anywhere else in the world. The Cagewrights have labored to make thirteen soulcages to drain the life energy of Shackle Born to open the gate to Carceri. The cages will hang from an artifact called the Tree of Shackled Souls. They have the Shackle Born. Fiendish armies will pour from the portal.
We hear a fat voice say: “All eyes will be on Cauldron. We have their worst fears to toy with.” He plans to weaken Cauldron from the inside so that the city will not be able to fight back.

Lady Rhivadi leaves the dining room. Bodi spies on her with a dove. She walks into the house directly next door. Nothing is lit in this house. She makes a gesture with her hand and steps through the front door of the house.

We venture into the smaller house after Lady Rhivadi. William murders five half-orcs.
• 48 gold
• 5 1/1 Orc Double Axe (300 + 300 + 2,000 + 2,000) 4,600
• 5 MW Light Xbows (1,500)
• 100 X-bow bolts
• 5 Magical Chainmail +2 (750 + 20,000)
• Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2 (divided up)

William detects a false wall in a room full of wine. We head down a long spiral staircase lined with statues. The staircase ends abruptly, turning into a 300 foot drop. William borrows Vasan’s Slippers of Spiderclimb and ferries Madison down. Madison disposes of three zombies while William climbs back up to ferry the rest of the group down. Three frog-like creatures pop out of the defeated zombies and attack. We defeat the creatures and Vasan identifies them as Ferostu Demodans. Adjoined to the pit is an oil-covered tunnel heading straight down. Bodi summons a bird and sends it down the tunnel. We see an elaborate door made of dark wood and adamantine, inset with a relief of a beholder with ten eye stalks, a gem for each eye. Vasan deducts that each gem has a different spell: Flesh to Stone, Fear, Disintegrate, Finger of Death, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Sleep, Charm Person, Slow, Charm Monster and Telekinesis. William detects a trap and disables it. After laboring tirelessly he is able to unlock the door.

Beyond the door, there are seven statues of monsters arranged in a semicircle. We destroy the statues. There are two more Beholder Doors in this room. William hears insane babbling coming from behind the beholder door on the right.

Beyond that door is a large room with a huge magic circle in the center of the room, robed figures are surrounding the circle, chanting. Lord Mayor Velantru is standing in the middle of the circle. He tears his skin off. He’s a beholder. He starts pelting us with eye stalk rays. We defeat him but at the cost of William’s life. His body vanishes into flame.


A Grand Party Indeed

We meet with Jil at the Lakeside Pavilion.

She informs us that King Beliore Therazo is an Aloufiend — a half-human and half-succubus. He’s been doing a lot of business outside of the Last Laugh. She thinks he is up to something that is “bad news”. Vasan proposes that Jil informs us about The Last Laugh in exchange for our sanctuary and protection. She accepts.

We bring our new “ally” back to the Temple of St. Cuthbert. Jenya is not pleased. The Striders have mixed feelings, but Meerthan accepts our decision. Jil informs us that King Beliore Therazo is the Jester of Cauldron, one of the higher offices a member can hold in the Last Laugh. He is devout to Erythnul. Beliore has always been a very sexual man. Jil assumes he is there because he wants Lady Rhivadi. He relies heavily on his wings, by shielding himself and using them as cover. He wields a mace called Blood Fever, it makes people sick when they are hit by it.

Meerthan confesses to Jil that the Striders are there to find the Cagewrights. He explains that the Cagewrights always have thirteen members and they desire to open a gate to Carceri and that they are rooted in Cauldron. We have determined that the high priestess of Wee Jas, Embril Aloustani is a member. Meerthan is suggesting that a member of the government must also be a member of the Cagewrights because of the recent explosive expansion of the Church of Wee Jas.

We obtain Meerthan’s glasses and Jil’s hair braid which we will use to disguise ourselves to sneak into Lady Rhivadi’s party.

The Path to Oblivion
The group is back...on the Material Plane!

Tylo Amberhelm reveals himself to be an elf named Meerthan. He informs the group that he is the leader of group of followers of Farlanghan. They have been investigating the cages in Cauldron. Skerial, one of his followers has been captured by The Last Laugh, and is being tortured in The Brass Trumpet Inn.

We arrive at The Brass Trumpet Inn. The windows and doors are newly barred. William bypasses the door. After fighting several members of the Last Laugh, we defeat two harlequin assassins. We find the following magical items on their person:

• 2 amulets of Constitution +2 (4,000 + 4,000) 8000
• 2 potions of Mage Armor (50 + 50) 100
• 2 potions of Shield of Faith +2 (50 + 50) 100
• 2 masterwork slings with 40 +1 bullets (300 + 300 + 240 + 1,600) 2440
• 10 masterwork shuriken coated in large scorpion venom (William)(60 + 2,000) 2060
• 2 silver pieces minted with the emblem of a jester

We empty onto a stage with curtains. We spiderclimb up to the rafters and battle an arcane trickster upside down.
• Masterwork Short Sword (small) (300)
• Masterwork Leather Armor (small)(150)
• wand of Hold Person 30 charges (4,500)
• cape of the Montebanc (10,080)
• dusty rose ioun stone +1 Insight to AC (5,000)
• Slippers of Spider Climbing (4,800)
• pouch of gold – 32 gold pieces (32)
• key ring with king, queen, jack and ace of hearts

We find a hidden panel concealing a door in this room.

Skerial is inside this room, latched to a cross and unconscious. Jil is somewhere in the room. Wash uses Dimension Door to rescue Skerial. Vasan teleports the rest of the group out. And we meet up at the Temple of St. Cuthbert. William leaves to retrieve the Striders of Farlanghan.

Lady Rhivadi is having a private party. Skerial noticed her house is unusually fortified. Most of the mercenaries and town guard come in and out of her house all through the night. She has had peculiar guests including: a pale half-elf in black; a group of well-armed humans including one with a black mace capped with a skull and a symbol of Nerul; a group of well-armed dwarves, one with white hair and a white beared wearing a halfmask covering one eye. A colorfully dressed man named King Beliore Therazo, with slicked back black hair kidnapped Skerial (not the leader of the Last Laugh but a very high ranking member).



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