The Shackled City

A Rather Ecclectic Guest List

Please note: Editing is too time consuming and this entry is probably more entertaining to read sans editing anyway. Enjoy.

Jenya has summoned her son, Bodi to aid us in infiltrating Lady Rhivadi’s party. Vasan performs several rituals to help us.

We disguise ourselves. William disguises himself as a half-orc mercenary. Vasan disguises himself as Lord Nastas. Madison disguises himself as the rotund servant to Lord Nastas.

House Rhivadi, made of volcanic rock, domed observatory in fourth tower. Each pillar is carved like a dragon. Windows are in copper frames with locked shutters. Continual faery fire and light spells on torches outside. We bluff our way through the four half-orcs guarding the entrance.
The guards mention that Master Bonesworn, Master Thurok, Mistress Mahadd, Master Ashmantel, Master Kyhas and Lady Trifane Rhivadi are meeting in the dining room.

Through the use of a summoned dove, Bodi hears a female voice explain that Demodans were sent to the Material Plane long ago. They mated with humans, for generations. Their demodan traits may have disappeared but they have a hidden mark of Carceri. Those with the mark are called the Shackle Born. More Shackle Born have been found in Cauldron than anywhere else in the world. The Cagewrights have labored to make thirteen soulcages to drain the life energy of Shackle Born to open the gate to Carceri. The cages will hang from an artifact called the Tree of Shackled Souls. They have the Shackle Born. Fiendish armies will pour from the portal.
We hear a fat voice say: “All eyes will be on Cauldron. We have their worst fears to toy with.” He plans to weaken Cauldron from the inside so that the city will not be able to fight back.

Lady Rhivadi leaves the dining room. Bodi spies on her with a dove. She walks into the house directly next door. Nothing is lit in this house. She makes a gesture with her hand and steps through the front door of the house.

We venture into the smaller house after Lady Rhivadi. William murders five half-orcs.
• 48 gold
• 5 1/1 Orc Double Axe (300 + 300 + 2,000 + 2,000) 4,600
• 5 MW Light Xbows (1,500)
• 100 X-bow bolts
• 5 Magical Chainmail +2 (750 + 20,000)
• Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2 (divided up)

William detects a false wall in a room full of wine. We head down a long spiral staircase lined with statues. The staircase ends abruptly, turning into a 300 foot drop. William borrows Vasan’s Slippers of Spiderclimb and ferries Madison down. Madison disposes of three zombies while William climbs back up to ferry the rest of the group down. Three frog-like creatures pop out of the defeated zombies and attack. We defeat the creatures and Vasan identifies them as Ferostu Demodans. Adjoined to the pit is an oil-covered tunnel heading straight down. Bodi summons a bird and sends it down the tunnel. We see an elaborate door made of dark wood and adamantine, inset with a relief of a beholder with ten eye stalks, a gem for each eye. Vasan deducts that each gem has a different spell: Flesh to Stone, Fear, Disintegrate, Finger of Death, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Sleep, Charm Person, Slow, Charm Monster and Telekinesis. William detects a trap and disables it. After laboring tirelessly he is able to unlock the door.

Beyond the door, there are seven statues of monsters arranged in a semicircle. We destroy the statues. There are two more Beholder Doors in this room. William hears insane babbling coming from behind the beholder door on the right.

Beyond that door is a large room with a huge magic circle in the center of the room, robed figures are surrounding the circle, chanting. Lord Mayor Velantru is standing in the middle of the circle. He tears his skin off. He’s a beholder. He starts pelting us with eye stalk rays. We defeat him but at the cost of William’s life. His body vanishes into flame.



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